Consultation with Dentist

Our Aim

Improved access to quality healthcare, particularly women, children, and the poor by promoting integration and encouraging community participation. Health promotion thru Welezo reduces premature deaths and needless hospitilisation, by making people aware of their current health status.

Our Objective

To promote good health by focusing on preventive measures, and thereby creating awareness of the current health status of the individual.
iso-certified An ISO 9001:2015 certified company,
Welezo made sure that our health packages are affordable without compromising on quality.
Welezo believes that EVERYONE has the right to a healthy life. Our efforts are always directed towards preventive health checks rather than curative care.
At Welezo we believe that ‘healthy’ is not a goal; it is a way of life! And we are here to get your health back on track not just with our health care packages but also with our advice on how YOU can get a better quality of life by changing the way you eat, work, and live.
“Success is the sum of all efforts, repeated, day in and day out! “

Chairperson :Dr. Nimmi Raghunathan