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At Welezo, ‘healthy’ is not just a goal, it is a way of life. We’re here to get your health back on track, not just with our health care packages, but also with advice from our experts on how to gain a better quality of life by changing your lifestyle.

Our Services can be used all across Bangalore. We have tied up with various Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, Individual Doctors and Dentists in every area in every zone of Bangalore.

All you have to do is to call us on 1800 102 8364 to fix an appointment. Then, go to the respective hospital or clinic where the appointment has been fixed. Hand over the relevant voucher for which you are requesting consultation or checkup and the Hospital or the Doctor will attend to you.

No, you cannot avail any service on the voucher directly. Fixing of an appointment with Welezo is mandatory to avail any service promised in the Voucher.

It is all the more useful to you as you don’t have anybody to take care of you, if God forbid, you were to fall ill. You should be more careful of your health as you would be working and loss of pay due to illness can really set you back.

Good. But insurance only comes to your aid if you are hospitalized and suffering on a hospital bed. It is our endeavor to ensure that you do not fall sick in the first place by going to a doctor when you are fit and not only when you are sick.

Sir/Madam, no insurance company provides you with medical checks. No insurance company provides such a wide array of consultations and dental solutions that we offer. In addition, insurance companies are more focused on claim management rather than heath management. So, at the most, you may get some OPD coupons that would not really help in providing total solutions.

Actually, this is the right age for you to step into the world of Preventive Healthcare. Many doctors are of the view that the physiological, physical and emotional deterioration of the human body starts at the age of 25. It is a very gradual process and if you can bring yourself to get yourself checked every year from this age onwards, the chances of any disease ambushing you are almost non-existent, if not impossible.

One Master Health Check is included in the Premium Pack. However, if you want to buy an extra Master Health Check, it is possible to buy stand-alone Master Health Pack.

We are able to provide you benefits worth nearly 20,000/- at just Rs. 5,999/- only because ours is a pre-paid service. And, in matters of health, it is always better you opt for a pre-paid service as you would be forced to go for health checks to at least make up for the cost you have already incurred. Otherwise, you would keep delaying getting yourself checked-up unless you don’t actually fall ill.

Your company may provide you with the basics of re-imbursement by way of getting you insured medically at the cost of the company. But your company would not be providing the wide range of facilities that we offer. Secondly, what about your family and your parents? They may be insured but do they get the option of opting for preventive healthcare which is the most important dimension of healthcare.

The re-imbursement facility offered by your company reimburses only the money spent by you on your medical expenses. But, does it reimburse you the suffering you have undergone because you ignored going in for prevention. Again, your insurance company would be reimbursing and not your company per se. Again, what about your aged parents and your other family members.

The Welcome Kit will contain depending on the Product bought by you, either a Wellness Check or Master Health Voucher(s), a book of Consultations, a book for Dental Solutions, a Welcome Letter and the List of Hospitals where you can redeem the vouchers.

The Modes of Payment are Cash, Cheque, Credit Card or Debit Card.

The Health checks can be used by any one individual of the family members. The General Physician Consultations and the Dental solutions can be used by any members of the family.

It depends on the product and the packages opted by the customer.

The ID Proof and the Address Proof.

No. The said products or the packages, consists of the set number of vouchers.

No. our preventive health program is only for one year.

Please refer the link

Within the 15 days from the date of enrollment to the program.

Yes. The services can be used at our networked Hospitals/Clinics. The list is published in our website. Please refer our updated list for the usage of our services.

Yes. Our Customer Care Toll Free Number is 1800 – 102 – 8364. We will be working between 09.30 AM to 06.30 PM from Monday to Saturday. We are closed on Sunday.

No. You can use our Medicine Cash Back Voucher for any medicine requirement and the Medicine Cash Back Voucher can be availed as per the terms and conditions mentioned on the overleaf of the Voucher.

Yes. You can register online.

Yes. You can download our Android App from the Play Store.

No. Our products and services are only preventive in nature.

Yes. We have and you can chose to pay online mode of payment also.


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