The Management Team - Backbone Of Welezo

Chairperson Dr. Nimmi Raghunathan

Dr. Nimmi Raghunathan is the Chairperson of Welezo and it was on her insistence that Welezo was set up as a Preventive healthcare enterprise and the rudiments of the concept were distilled and finalized. Dr. Nimmi is a dentist by profession and has a popular practice in the North of Bangalore. In spite of time being a premium quality for Dr. Nimmi – with her dental practice and her family life, she made time to set up Welezo Healthcare with a team of like-minded individuals. Today, her unflinching belief in the spread of Preventive healthcare has allowed Welezo to thrive under her active guidance.

Managing Director Mr. Shiv Prasad

Mr. Shiv Prasad is the Managing Director of Welezo. He is in charge of the overall aspects of the company. He is a commerce graduate from the University of Mysore. Shiv unequivocally shares the ideals and aims of the Chairperson as well as the Management Team and he is very committed to the effective propagation of preventive healthcare and it’s unappreciated benefits. Shiv is driven by an insatiable urge to do something for the society at large. He is the driving force behind Welezo and it’s his bidding and urging that inspires every employee of Welezo to do better on a day-to-day basis in the spread of preventive healthcare. Shiv was worked in many companies with varied interests and has extensive and wide-spread experience in the fields of insurance, banking and financial products.

Director Mr. K Lakshman Rao

Mr. K Lakshman Rao is one of the Directors of Welezo in an Executive role. Lakshman, like the rest of the Management Team, feels quite strongly about the need for the prevalence of the concept of Preventive Healthcare amongst the common people and is one of the key people who pushed Welezo into this concept. Lakshman uses his considerable experience in negotiating the best possible deals for Welezo in a fair and transparent manner.


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