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Health Checkup Package Benefits

Validity: 1 Year from the date of purchase

  • Ideal for 25-40 age group
  • Use at our 250+ network hospitals
  • Health package at the price of a health checkup
  • Complete body checkup including vital profiles
  • Includes free consultation With GP

Health Check-up

  • Complete Blood Count 14
    • Haemoglobin
    • RBC Count
    • PCV/Haematocrit
    • MCV
    • MCH
    • MCHC
    • RDW
    • WBC Count/ TLC
    • Neutrophils
    • Eosinophils
    • Basophils
    • Lympocytes
    • Monocytes
    • Platelet Count
  • ESR 1
    • Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
  • Lipid Profile 6
    • HDL Cholesterol
    • LDL Choesterol
    • VLDL Cholesterol
    • Total Cholesterol
    • Triglycerides
    • Total Cholesterol/ HDL Cholesterol Ratio
  • Urine Routine 17
    • Colour
    • Appearance. Chemical Examination - Ph
    • Specific Gravity
    • Glucose
    • Ketone Bodies
    • Nitrites
    • Bile Salts
    • Bile pigments
    • Urobilinogen
    • Protein/ Albumin
    • Blood. Macroscopic Examination - Pus Cells
    • Epithelial Cells
    • Red Blood Cells
    • Casts
    • Crystals
    • Bacteria
    • Additional Findings
  • Liver Profile 12
    • Bilirubin Total
    • Bilirubin Conjugated
    • Bilirubin Unconjugated
    • Delta Bilirubin
    • Total Protein
    • Serum Albumin
    • Serum Globulin
    • Albumin/ globulin Ratio
    • SGOT
    • SGPT
    • Alkaline Phosphatase
    • GGTS

Avail the best health checkup with our packages of executive health checkup if you are within the age group of 25 to 40 years of age. This package has been designed specifically for people in their middle age and peak of life, who are busy with their life but still need to be aware about their health. This package includes different types of tests and can be availed in the network hospitals or Diagnostic Centres, which count to more than 250 across the country. It includes complete body check up including vital profiles.

Various tests that one can get in the health checkup package of executive health checkup are renal profile, diabetic profile, blood grouping, ECG, complete blood count, lipid profile, and physical examination along with consultation with doctor. But the best part of availing this Preventive health package is the pricing which is quite competitive and affordable on the going market price. These tests are designed to cater to the specific age group and helps in detecting any disease condition at the earliest. We at Welezo Health have collaborated with wide range of hospitals and diagnostic centres so as to provide all these services to our customers. Service available now in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad.

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