Welezo Supreme
Market Price:21900

As you grow older, your body starts to slow down and show signs of ageing. Many people tend to ignor...

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Welezo Premium Plus
Market Price:20000

If you’re a young couple with elderly parents or an old couple with grown-up kids or have one teen...

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Welezo Premium
Market Price:18350

Finding a comprehensive health checkup for a single person or a couple is easy, but it’s the third...

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Welezo Economy Plus
Market Price:13900

At 35, couples are working hard to fulfil their career goals and their health often gets sacrificed ...

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Welezo Economy
Market Price:7150

As you set into a routine of work and travel, your body doesn’t get the care it needs. After 35, y...

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Welezo Regular
Market Price:6600

Being a newly married couple, you’ve got a hundred things on your plate. Your hectic schedule migh...

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Welezo Basic
Market Price:3950

If you’re in your mid to late-20s, chances are you’re a carefree person and don’t pay much att...

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