Health packages designed by Welezo focus on eliminating the myth of high costs in Preventive Health care from the minds of its retail customers.

Welezo focuses on 3 major concerns of a common man.

Awareness about Preventive health care: Because of a lack of awareness about preventive health care, India is seeing a steady rise in the prevalence of non-communicable diseases. To be healthy, people must clearly understand the burden of non-communicable diseases, it’s after effects, the importance of early diagnosis and preventive steps.

Affordability: Cost of curative care is high. Keeping in mind the high cost of medical services, Welezo makes sure that preventive health checkup is affordable to every common man.

Accessibility: Travel is exasperating! Welezo’s wide network of service partners are strategically located to ensure that their customers need not travel far to avail the services.

The panel of doctors from Welezo advisory board have designed Preventive health care packages for our retail customers keeping in mind the 3 major concerns of awareness, affordability and accessibility.

Welezo packages consists of exclusive health checkup solutions such as Preventive health checkup, dental care, medicine cash back and general physician consultations.

Oral health is widely ignored among the common populace. Welezo focuses its efforts on creating awareness about oral hygiene and its significance through special dental care packages.

Welezo’s uniqueness lies in its Preventive health checkups like Master health checkup package, which comprises of Diabetes profile, Lipid profile, Renal profile, Thyroid profile etc., which are vital health checkup profiles for understanding the status of their health.