Terms & Conditions

The Annual Healthcare charges for the Welezo Card is valid for a period of ONE YEAR only from the date of realization of payment and is non-refundable, non-transferable with no proxies allowed.

You are entitled only to the features opted as mentioned on the face of this application, our website, and /or on the respective vouchers which will be couriered as part of the Plan opted for. Under normal circumstances the Plan opted for will be couriered within 10 working days from the date of realization of payment.

Benefits can be availed by ONLY 4 people including the member whose names are mentioned in the application form. Additional member can avail benefits on payment of Rs. 995/-

The Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash or cannot be clubbed with any other offer. The vouchers and/or offers do not have any cash or refund value. The Vouchers can be redeemed only if all the requisite details on the Vouchers are duly filled and presented prior to availing the benefits of the facility mentioned on the face of the Vouchers.

Vouchers can be redeemed and are valid only with the Health Panel/Merchant Establishments contained in the Plan. Modifications if any, in the lists mailed as part of the Plan will be published on our website and such publication is deemed adequate notice.

Welezo cannot assure the services of those whose names are deleted or changed. Once such changes are published on the website, no claim shall arise against Welezo on that count. The Vouchers are for one-time use only. You should be personally present to avail any or all benefits & the same cannot be availed in your absence.

Card/Voucher and proof of identity should be presented at the time of availing consultation and/or checks as applicable, for redemption of benefits mentioned on the same.If Card is lost, duplicate will be issued on payment of Rs. 250/-. If the Vouchers are lost, duplicate will be issued on payment of Rs. 995/-.

Complaints, if any, have to be mailed to Welezo within three days from the date of cause of action duly supported by bill copies/reports. Delayed complaints are not entertained.

Welezo or its channel partners shall not and are not required to mediate or resolve any dispute or disagreement between the participating Health Panel/Merchant Establishments and yourself. Any damage deliberate or otherwise caused to the properties of the Health Panel/Merchant Establishments by you shall be borne by yourself and Welezo is not liable on that count.

Welezo is not in any way responsible for any claims from you except on the grounds of deliberate inducement to pay annual charges on false grounds. Claims for any deficiencies or defect in goods or services of any Health Panel/Merchant Establishments shall be exclusively on the Health Panel/Merchant Establishments and inclusion of Welezo in any such claim shall render the whole claim defective & not maintainable even against the Health Panel/Merchant Establishments.

The Health Panel/Merchant Establishments may offer various other packages/offers that may or may not include what is currently being offered by Welezo and our offer cannot be clubbed with such packages/offers.

Terms & Conditions vary from establishment to establishment and the same will be mentioned on the respective vouchers/flyers/ brochures/ books couriered as part of the Plan.

Any Taxes/Charges/Levies where applicable shall be on your account. The Medical Fraternity in the Welezo Health Panel may have the policy of registering their customers by charging a Registration Fee. Such fees shall be to your account.

Our Preventive Healthcare Network & any other medical network which is in partnership with us are two totally different networks. Some hospitals/doctors may be common to both but most of them may not be. Our network, in partnership with such medical network might be an all India network, whereas our Preventive Healthcare Network is currently Bangalore centric.

Welezo or in association with channel partners may offer online portal to maintain medical records. Members can maintain the records in the portal themselves. Welezo or channel partner can collect the medical records on behalf of customers if needed. Any personal information contained in the electronic medical records in the possession of Welezo will not be shared with anybody else without the express consent of the customer. Medical records can be used for reporting purposes in an aggregate manner only.

Dental Exclusions :
The conditions/situations, for dental treatment procedures at the point of appointment and in selected cases, they have to be dealt with, with caution and would always require the final decision of the attending Dentist.

Only Intra-Oral Dental X-Ray (IOPA) is applicable only if required for treatment purposes and as advised by Dentist.

Extra-Oral Radiographs are not covered in the package.

Only Oral Prophylaxis is covered in the package.

Periodontal/Sub gingival Prophylaxis are not covered in the package.

Root Planing is not covered in the package.

Restoration: Only GIC [Glass Ionomer Cement] is covered. Limited to only One Filling per Voucher.

Oral Examination/Consultation with the Dentist limited to only one person per voucher. Specialist Consultations are not covered in the package.

Medicine Cash Back :

Offers are valid for SIX MONTHS only with no proxies allowed and the benefits are to be availed within the validity period.

The Welezo Voucher is applicable for valid Welezo Members only & is non-transferable.

All services can be availed at centers empaneled with Welezo on prior appointment. Appointment can be fixed by calling Welezo on 1800 - 102 - 8364 at least 24 hours in advance.

The WMCB Voucher entitles Welezo Customers of Medicine Cash Back of Rs. 200/- against a Minimum Purchase Amount of Rs. 400/- and above.

The WMCB Voucher entitles Welezo Customers of Medicine Cash Back of Rs. 500/- against a Minimum Purchase Amount of Rs. 1000/- and above.

The WMCB Voucher can be redeemed at the select networked Pharmacy Stores Only empaneled with Welezo including Apollo Pharmacy.

The usage of the Voucher is the sole discretion of the Welezo customer / member.

The Welezo Voucher cannot be redeemed for cash.

Welezo holds no responsibility, direct or indirect for any damage, loss or health problems that may arise with the products purchased out of the WMCB Vouchers.

Remaining amount over and above the WMCB voucher needs to be paid in cash / card.

Redemption only on Medicines & Apollo PL Products.

Purchase needs to happen on MRP for the customer. (Billing on MRP only)

FMCG products cannot be purchased using under this voucher.

No Return: Considering the quality parameters we shall not be able to entertain any return request.

Expiry: Medicines supplied will have sufficient expiry period.


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